Find out the billing methods of your divorce attorney

When you finally decide to opt for a divorce the first thing you do is to find a divorce attorney to fight your case. Once you enter divorce law firm in San Antonio you may want to know a lot of things about the divorce attorney like his experience in divorce cases, his fees, duration that he thinks your divorce case will last for. You may ignore one thing to ask before you leave divorce law firm in San Antonio is about the billing methods that your divorce attorney has.

You should ask about payment methods without any hesitation as this is the most important aspect of a legal procedure. You can also ask for alternatives available with the attorney for payment.

  1. Upfront or full payment

As a client you should know that many lawyers up-front fees, but it is for you. The reason for this is that they have been cheated in the past by many clients.

  1. Hourly billing

Hourly billing has the benefit that it calculates the cost when your attorney is actually working

It also had a disadvantage that it can cost you more in cases where it takes longer than expected. Sometimes it also is a reason of conflict between the attorney and the client.

  1. Billing- Flat fee

A flat fee can be paid as an upfront or in instalments. Paying in easy instalments in a great option because your attorney also gets some money to start with and there is also a surety that you are serious about your divorce case.

  1. Payment Upon resolution of the case


In this case the attorney makes some money when you win or settle your case and get money. The fee is calculated based on the percentage of your winnings.

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